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Hot Chelle Rae flaunt Baby-G watches in new videoFirst published: 03-04-2013Celebrities often show off their favourite fashion replica watches in photoshoots, but pop band Hot Chelle Rae purchase their latest video to indicate their affinity with certain Casio styles fake watches .In Stuck, they tell the tale of each person in the band trying to attract the eye the exact same leggy blonde.They appear to be failing miserably - but merely prior to the end, replica tag slr chronograph watches she conveniently begins to see them all - after which splits into four different versions of herself so no boys wind up alone.Both song and also the video are perfect - but we noticed several replica watch shots. First, the lady holds out her wrist to determine the a serious amounts of flashes a silver Baby-G from Casio.Down the line, one of many guys also holds out his wrist in order to show which he wants the woman now , not later - and he's wearing a black skeleton-style G-Shock.If they are eager to be brand ambassadors replica formula one watches , they are going the appropriate way regarding it! Ke$ha is the one other singer who's got paired up with Baby-G in past times and he or she even got a chance to design her timepieces. replica breitling wingwalkers watches
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